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a reliable handyman is made easy here.  Your professional handyman at DIY budget.

Most home owners have come to recognize that it is just as cost effective to engage us for simple DIY jobs, replacing taps, putting up curtain rods, changing the lights, locksets, etc are just phone call & a couple of dollars away!

Save yourself the hassle and time by engaging us to do anything, in a professional way with relevant skills and equipment for all jobs. 

Simply call Vincent 9328 9338 for a friendly discussion.  Do SMS/whatsapp if we are not able to attend to your call right away.

Our Residential / Commercial Services Include:

Plumbing  * Carpentry * Electrical * Metal works * General Tasks

  Decor               Handyman, Electrician, Plimber, Carpenter handyman all in one

  • Hang pictures, photos, artwork, painting $7-$15/ea less than 1m x 1m size
  • Mount mirrors, big pictures >1m x 1m /> 15kg fm $25
  • Mount acrylic panel/signage with spacer-bolt $40/4bolts, $50/6 bolts 
  • Mount decorative artwork, mosiac art pieces $30/ set of 3
  • Hang banners $15/ set
  • Supply & install heavy duty ring hook for swing, cradle/ baby sarong $15 each 
  • Hang rugs, carpet art on wall $15
  • Mount chin-up bar $50 (8 bolts)/ $40 (6 bolts)
  • Remove picture hooks and patch up exclude painting from $10

   General Installation

  • Install pole system wardrobe assembly $20 / pole, shelving, drawers, tray $10/ pc
  • Install curtain rod $30/ set 2 brackets, $40/ set 3 brackets
  • Install roller blind/ venetian blind $30/ set
  • Install L brackets shelving $25, IKEA LAX wall shelf (short) $25, >2m $35
  • Install IKEA Aglot shelving main strut $30/ea, shelving/accessory $10/ea
  • Install kitchen/ bathroom accessory $10 to $30
  • Install bathroom grab bar $30/set straight type
  • Mount LCD/ LED TV onto wall $1/inch screen size eg. max 42 inch LCD $42.  unto 55 inch $80, up to 80 inch $150 

  Electrical    Singapoore Electrician Handyman in Singapore

  • Convert PLC downlight to LED downlight $50 parts n labour,
  • Convert florescent round tube to LED ring light $50 parts n labour.
  • Convert PLL light to LED PLL light $60 parts n labour.
  • Convert 12v halogen spot light to LED spot light $40 parts n labour,
  • Install light fixture $35, false ceiling PLC light $35
  • Install hanging light $35, crystal light $50, exclude chandeliers.
  • Troubling-shooting & repairs of lights from $25 exclude parts
  • Install ceiling fan $65, wall fan $30
  • Supply & install IC controller for lighting/ fan selection $35
  • Supply & install/replace ceiling fan remote control $85
  • Install bathroom ventilation fan with acrylic mounting panel $120
  • Replace designer light switches/ power point $5/point, 
  • Supply & run new power points Single 1x13a $60, Double 2x13a $70
  • Supply & run new SCV point $110


  • Install kitchen sink, basin tap $20, mixer tap $40, pull out faucet sink tap $50
  • Replace basin/ kitchen PVC bottle trap $20/ set, chrome $45
  • Install kitchen sink including tap, inlet and outlet pipes $100
  • Run/ extend new washing machine/ fridge tap point $90
  • T-out with mini ball valve and install spray tap at WC $50
  • Install instant heater with shower set $45 
  • Install rain shower mixer set $60,
  • Removal of old storage heater above false ceiling $50 exclude patch up.
  • Install storage heater with plumbing $100, $180 installation above false ceiling.
  • Removed old & apply silicon sealer for kitchen sink $50, basin $15, bathtub $80
  • Supply & replace glass shower screen door seal on bottom and side $20
  • Clear choke at sink or basin $25
  • Clear choke at gully hole $40

   Carpentry/Timber/Door works Singapore Carpenter Handyman in Singapore

  • Replace and re-align cabinet door normal hinges $5/ea, slow-close hinge $10/ea, wide angle/ heavy duty hinge $15/ea.
  • Reposition hinge hole on damaged cabinet door $20 each
  • Replace gas spring on lift up cabinet / dish rack door $20/ each 
  • Supply & install new drawer/ cabinet lock $20 each, replace $10 each
  • Supply & replace white drawer rails $20/pair, $35/pair extendable type
  • Add new shelving in wardrobe, cabinet $25/ pc up to 50cm/ $40 up to 100cm
  • Install new hangar bar in wardrobe $25/pc up to 50cm,  $35/pc up to 100cm
  • Supply & install door knob lock $25/ea, lever/ handle lock $45, dead bolt $35
  • Supply & replace normal timber door door closer $60, heavy duty $80
  • Supply & replace wall mount shower screen door hinges $180/pair
  • Supply & install glass mount/corner entry shower screen door hinges $220/pair
  • Supply & install cross struts for shower screen $150 straight type, $220 corner entry type
  • Supply & replace shower screen side and bottom h-profile seal $20/door
  • Replace concealed floor mount glass door closer $380 include 'PM' closer
  • Minor carpentry / repair work - from $30
  • Construct timber deck indoor/ outdoor view to quote
  • Sand down re-varnish timber deck $3/sq ft min 100 sq ft.


   Metal works

  • Welding repair metal swing/ sliding gate from $80
  • Replace sliding gate 90mm roller wheels $280/ pair
  • Fabrication of drain covers, railings, grab bars, etc.

If you have got any work that is not listed above, call or sms Vincent 9328 9338 

email us: LongJohnJoe@yahoo.com or simply drop us a note here to submit.


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